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provided by KonnectMD

NO MORE waiting rooms, deductibles, contracts. No insurance is necessary!

KonnectMD is a non-insurance healthcare membership that offers anyone convenience by providing nationwide, 24/7 access to virtual urgent care, primary care, and behavioral health treatments. Even if you have insurance, you can use KonnectMD to save thousands by avoiding copays and deductibles for traditional healthcare needs.

Sign up and save an average of $2700/year for traditional healthcare expenses. The future is impossible to predict. When the unexpected happens, you can rest assured knowing that KonnectMD will be there.

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My Free Pharmacy

provided by My Free Pharmacy

This is the nation’s first FREE generic medication program.  This is not just a discount card, this is a standalone, non-insurance, no co-pay medication pharmacy program being offered to Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation members.

The bottom line is if you’re spending more than $27 per month on medications for your family of any size or $18 month as a single person, then you need to sign up for this member benefit today.

*Generic Acute/immediate medications free

* Maintenance/chronic generic medications free

* Diabetes oral generic medication free, insulin, $19.88

* Over the counter pills = ½ price

* Pharmacy coaching free

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Prescription Savings Coupon Through United Networks of America

provided by United Networks of America - Discount Prescription Drug Card

Prescription Savings Coupon through United Networks of America - a prescription drug coupon program that helps lower your family's prescription drug costs. Login to our member portal to view specifics on this program.

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