LARAMIE-“Wyoming Ag Eclipses All The Rest” is the theme of the 98th Annual Meeting of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (WyFB).  The meeting will be Nov. 16-18, 2017 in Cheyenne at the Radisson Hotel. According to WyFB President Todd Fornstrom, not only does “Wyoming Ag Eclipse All the Rest” but so do its people and the work they do to keep agriculture strong. WyFB Annual Meeting Agenda 2017 “Annual meeting is the heart and soul of where we head for the next year when working on issues impacting farmers and ranchers,” said Fornstrom. “We are thankful for all the members who participate in the policy development process.” Policy development Farm Bureau’s grassroots strength begins at the county level when members discuss issues important to agriculture and continues to the district and then state levels. Policy discussions are the main purpose of the meeting and guide the work of the federation. According to Brett Moline, WyFB Director of Public and Government Affairs, resolutions cover a broad range of topics including taxes, wild horses, and federal land management. Speakers and events The featured speaker from the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) will be Ellen Steen, General Counsel and Secretary.  Steen will discuss the role of litigation in AFBF’s overall policy advocacy efforts as well as some current and upcoming cases. “We see litigation as an integral part of how we achieve the best policy for farmers and ranchers,” Steen explained. “More law is made in federal agencies than on Capitol Hill, and agencies are subject to lawsuits for most anything they do. In part for this reason, and in part due to natural bias in the agencies, their agenda tends to be driven by the activists’ agenda.  AFBF legal advocacy helps provide a strong counterbalance in the other direction.” Young Farmer and Rancher (YF&R) events will also showcase some of the many opportunities available for our younger leaders in the agricultural community of Farm Bureau. The YF&R Collegiate Discussion Meet will be Thursday evening, Nov. 16. Elections, awards, a WyFB Foundation Knife Raffle and a “Harvest for All” food drive round out the meeting events. Registration Pre-registration is requested by Nov. 1, 2017.  Reservations made after this date, will be honored based on availability.  Members or county presidents may submit registrations to Julie Johnson-Doyle at or 307-721-7723. Hotel reservations may be made at the Radisson Hotel, Cheyenne, by calling 307-638-4466. Reference our group – Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation – for the $91 (plus taxes/fees) room rate.  Hotel reservations must be made by Oct. 31, 2017. The Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation is the state’s largest general agriculture organization. The primary goals of the federation are to protect private property rights and help members achieve an equitable return on their investment.