Hi, I’m Todd Fornstrom, a farmer from Laramie County.  My family has been involved with agriculture and Wyoming Farm Bureau for generations.

Farm Bureau is an organization that believes America’s unparalleled progress is based on the freedom and dignity of the individual.  Farm Bureau members are citizens involved in protecting and enhancing individual freedoms and economic opportunities for all.

As an advocacy organization, we take pride in our grassroots policy development process and ultimately, our achievements in state and national legislative work.  Since 1920, the Wyoming Farm Bureau has been the voice for Wyoming agriculture.  We present a united voice for agriculture at the Wyoming Legislature, in agency meetings and rulemaking processes, as well as the United States Congress.  Our grassroots policy process commands the respect of our local, county, state and national elected and regulatory officials.

The Wyoming Farm Bureau represents agriculture, rural Wyoming and others who share the same interests in ensuring that agriculture remains a viable industry in Wyoming.  Farm Bureau works to maintain and secure the safest and most affordable food supply in the world, while working to protect private property rights.  Today, more than ever, fewer and fewer citizens have an agricultural or even a rural background.  The need for a strong Farm Bureau voice is greater than ever.

There are many issues on which we work.  Those issues may be summed up best with our mission statement:  “The primary goals of the Wyoming Farm Bureau are to take appropriate actions to protect private property rights and help members achieve an equitable return on their investment.”