Researchers at the University of Wyoming are conducting an interdisciplinary study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of management strategies at reducing the level of brucellosis in elk. To do this, the researchers need to model how a reduction in the level of brucellosis in elk relates to the decreased risk of brucellosis transmission to cattle.  Survey to include producers in Lincoln, Sublette and Sweetwater counties.  Informational meetings to be held Jan. 26 and Jan. 27.

To create these models, researchers need to gather information on where elk and cattle are throughout the year. This information will be gathered via herd plan questionnaires/surveys that have been/will be mailed to cattle producers within Sublette, Lincoln, and Sweetwater counties. Cattle producers will be asked to share information from their completed herd plan questionnaires, and/or to complete a survey. Dr. Brant Schumaker and graduate student Mandy Kauffman will be holding informational meetings in Pinedale on January 26th at 6pm at the old Pinedale Elementary School (currently BOCES) library and at the Marbleton Town Hall on Friday Jan 27th  at 12:00pm to talk more about what the survey entails, how the information will be used, and how the results of the study will help area producers.