Trespass, telecommunications and transportation are three of the key areas on which the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (WyFB) will focus in the upcoming legislative session, according to Ken Hamilton, WyFB Executive Vice President.  The 2015 Legislative Session will convene on Jan. 13.

There are three separate trespass issues before the Wyoming Legislature.  One issue is when someone illegally trespasses to gather data which they then provide to another party.  The second issue is the difficulty in prosecuting people who trespass on private land and ignore private property boundaries.   The third issue deals with the Restatement of Torts where if someone trespasses the property owners do not have the same duty of care as they would if it was someone invited on to the property.

“In past legislative sessions, there have been bills to address these issues, but they always seem to get short-circuited,” Hamilton explained.  “These trespass issues are of great interest to landowners and agriculture producers around Wyoming.” 

Regarding telecommunications, Farm Bureau policy calls for the continuation of the Wyoming Universal Service Fund (USF) and that no subscriber be required to pay more than 130 percent of the statewide average price for a landline.  “We hope to keep in the USF so our members out in the far reaches of the state won’t have their telephone bills go up astronomically,” said Brett Moline, WyFB Director of Public and Government Affairs.  “This is an issue we have been watching closely for several years and will continue to work to make sure affordable, modern telecommunications is available in rural Wyoming areas.” 

Support of the Joint Transportation Committee’s proposed legislation regarding an agriculture exemption to CDL requirements will be another key issue for the coming session.  “We hope to emulate what has happened in other states where Wyoming farmers and ranchers would be able to haul their own produce in their own truck without the severe limitations of the same requirements of commercial drivers,” Moline stated.  “Because they are not transporting commercially, the stringency of the requirements makes it difficult to hire short term drivers.” 

During the legislative session, the Wyoming Farm Bureau provides weekly video updates on Friday evenings.  Visit or like the Wyoming Farm Bureau Facebook page to view the videos.  Weekly radio shows are aired each Friday on the Northern Ag Network.