“Who knew 19 years could go by so fast?,” said Suzy Noecker, Wyoming Farm Bureau Field Services and Public Relations Director (retired), when thinking about retirement.  “Working for you has been an honor; and more fun than anyone should be allowed to have.  Thank you for your patience, your wisdom and your love for your industry.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and work all these years.  And thank you for all the memories.”

Suzy began working for the Wyoming Farm Bureau in 1995 as the information director.  Over the years, Suzy has worked on many different agriculture issues for Farm Bureau members.  Suzy served as editor of Wyoming Agriculture, prepared many displays and booths to share agriculture and Farm Bureau’s story, worked with county Farm Bureaus, provided comments on federal rules and regulations, spearheaded WyFB’s county empowerment conferences and was involved in the Wyoming Split Estate Initiative just to name a few of the projects she has worked on over the years.

“It has been a privilege to work on issues you face every day on your operations.  Farm Bureau is a special organization because it works from the grassroots and is guided by members making a living working the land and providing their fellow citizens the necessities of life,” Suzy continued.  “I have enjoyed my time working for your organization very much.”

 “Thank you also to Ken, Brett, Kerin, Ellen and Dominique,” She said.  “It has been fun being a member of the staff in Laramie.”

“I wish all of you every success in your agricultural endeavors,” Suzy concluded.  “The future is waiting; keep the wind at your back and your face to the sun.”

According to Suzy, she is looking forward to spending more time with her grandson and doing many different activities that her May 30 retirement will allow her to do.

“Suzy has made a big contribution to the Farm Bureau over the 19 years she has worked for us,” Ken Hamilton, WyFB Executive Vice President, said.  “Suzy is a valued employee who will be missed, but we realize she is going to enjoy her retirement and having time off from the many duties and issues on which Farm Bureau works.”

“On behalf of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation, we thank Suzy for her many years of service to the organization,” said Perry Livingston, WyFB President.  “Her dedication to Farm Bureau and the members throughout the years is greatly appreciated.”