As the year draws to a close I would like to extend, on behalf of the folks here in the office, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It seems with the close of our annual meeting and the convening of the Wyoming Legislature, we don't take the time to reflect on those items that are the most important. 

With the loss of the 20 grade school students at a Newton, Connecticut school and the 6 adults we all have to take a moment to keep those parents, teachers and the community in our thoughts and prayers.  Nothing can relieve the pain.  Such a loss is difficult at any time, but this time of year when we all like to focus on family, it has to be especially difficult to be reminded every day of the tremendous loss.

So once again we are reminded that, even though we may be frustrated things aren't exactly going like we planned, chances are we are going to have some time with friends and relatives that will far outweigh many of the problems we think we have.

Christmas is a time of celebration which should remind us of those important things in our lives that we see every day and take for granted until it is too late.  New Years is a time we start thinking about all of those things that we should try to do better.  Hopefully, we will take the time to focus on resolutions that will look to our friends and family as well as those more mundane resolutions to try and exercise more, or try to eat healthier. 

Newton, Connecticut is one reminder that all of us need to take the time to enjoy the really important things and not worry so much about those things that crowd into our lives and seem to divert our focus away from those things most important.

Don't forget the important things.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

By Ken Hamilton, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President