The proposal initiated by President Biden’s January Executive Order formerly known as 30 x 30 and now rebranded, Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful, leaves too many questions unanswered.  Original concerns about future utilization of federal lands by farmers and ranchers have intensified with additional concerns of infringement on private property rights. Throughout history America’s farmers and ranchers have been the stewards of the vast majority of our country’s land.  Farms and ranches have long been a cornerstone of the health of our lands through voluntary conservation.  Whether the land was private or public, agriculture has managed the land for the long term.  The health of the land not only provides for their livelihoods and future generations but the continuous improvement of the lands and waters that support the environment as a whole. Mixed messaging or lack of messaging is a big source of uneasiness.  An example of this is the range from one federal agency applauding landowners for voluntary conservation and stressing protection of private property rights to another federal agency pressing for preservation with little to no mention of property rights. Discussion during an information session hosted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) added to this uneasiness as it became evident from the groups present that many of the activist groups are pressing for more of a preservation approach. We are concerned that members of this Administration are working quietly behind the scenes to ensure the outcome will morph into a stronger preservationist effort.  There has been little information and activity from the Administration on this proposal since the Executive Order was released. Private property rights are the cornerstone upon which this nation was built.  WyFB has reached out to Wyoming’s Congressional Delegation to address these concerns.  Protecting private property rights is the mission of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation and is of utmost importance to the ability for our state and our nation to produce feed for our nation and the world. By Todd Fornstrom, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation President