March 25, 20014-- “On National Agriculture Day, it is only fitting that we celebrate the installation of a memorial to Dr. Norman Borlaug, the scientist most closely identified with dramatically improving agricultural productivity through development of high-yield, disease-resistant crops," said Bob Stallman, American Farm Bureau Federation President.  "All of agriculture is standing a little taller today, seeing a statue of Dr. Borlaug being placed in the U.S. Capitol. His scientific discoveries and hands-on work to transfer food production technology transformed agriculture all around the world. His work moved farm production from subsistence to the fullest abundance and most importantly, gave nations the tools to feed their people."

“America’s farms are the world’s most productive in large part because Dr. Borlaug and his successors showed the way to the productivity we enjoy today," Stallman continued.  "America’s food and fiber producers honor his legacy through sustainable, ethical and scientifically proven production systems and sound business practices that assure land, livestock and natural resources will be here for future generations."

“Dr. Borlaug is credited with saving more than 1 billion lives; that is simply amazing," He concluded.  "His dedication to advancing innovations in food production is testimony to why he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and Congressional Gold Medal – and why we can think of no one more deserving of this honor.”