Agriculture: Stewards of a Healthy Planet and working to Keep Wyoming Strong! Farmers and ranchers are truly stewards of the planet. Rather than spout out statistics, I challenge you to see for yourself. Ask a farmer or rancher in your community to tell you the true story about how they are stewards of a healthy planet.

In agriculture, we have the grand responsibility of not only making it work while we are here on earth, but making it work for future generations. To be a good steward means implementing the kind of management that works. Making careful and responsible choices for the land that we have been entrusted to care for is important and necessary.

Taking a look at the number of years a particular business has been operating for can be a good indication of success. When you see a business that has been operating for more than twenty years it is a good assumption that they have been good stewards of what they have been given to run. Add eighty years to that number, and multiple generations, and it is an even better assumption of good stewardship.

Hundreds of Wyoming farms/ranches have celebrated their centennial anniversaries; meaning their farm or ranch has been in the same family for multiple generations. Now, that is representation of a good steward.

The land and its resources must be managed and used in order to continue thriving. Using advances in technology as well as knowledge of the land, farmers and ranchers are doing more with less. They also feed their families the same food they grow and raise.

Farmers and ranchers play a large role as stewards of a healthy planet. They do this in many ways including: caring for the land by practicing best management practices, providing wildlife habitat, open spaces and fresh air.

While you are enjoying your favorite meal remember to “Celebrate Agriculture,” and its people that care for the animals and the land seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

The Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation invites all Wyomingites to “Celebrate Agriculture” and learn more about its role in your daily lives and recognize the issues impacting agriculture. We proudly celebrate Wyoming agriculture and its people every day of the year and specifically on Wyoming Agriculture Day, March 15, 2016. Visit us at

By Kerin Clark, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation