ORLANDO, FLORIDA, January 10, 2016 – Members of the American Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee elected Cole Coxbill of Goshen County, Wyoming, as the committee’s chairman for 2016. He will take over as chairman in February, at the end of the committee’s leadership conference, and serve for one year. He will also serve a one-year term on the AFBF board of directors.

Coxbill and his father raise corn, alfalfa, sugar beets, dry edible beans and wheat, and they have a cow-calf operation and a feedlot. Coxbill also owns a commercial spraying and trucking business. He and his wife, Sammie, have three children: Emmett, Connor and Carlee.

According to Coxbill, connecting with people outside of farming and ranching continues to be a top priority—and the next generation of farmers and ranchers is in a unique position to share agriculture’s story.

“We’re going to college, making connections and returning to the farm or ranch by choice, because we’re so passionate about agriculture. But back at home, we’re still maintaining and growing those networks we established in college,” Coxbill said.

He also noted that young farmers’ enthusiasm for new technology can be a real asset in reaching out to consumers. “It’s our nature to adapt faster, so when there’s a new social media tool we embrace it,” Coxbill said.

The YF&R program includes men and women between the ages of 18 and 35. The program’s goals are to help younger Farm Bureau members learn more about agriculture, network with other farmers and realize their full potential as leaders in agriculture and Farm Bureau.

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