Niobrara County Rancher Chelsea Baars was elected to her second term as the State Chair of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (WyFB) Young Farmer & Rancher (YF&R) Committee.  This position holds a seat on the WyFB Board of Directors. “Being state chair means being entrusted with the privilege to serve others by working together to brainstorm, solve problems, and help discover each other’s hidden talents,” Baars said. According to Baars, she volunteers with Farm Bureau because she cares.  “I’ve been told that if you want to have input, you’ve got to get involved,” she explained.  “It means so much when someone takes a moment to hear what I have to say. As much as I value that, I figure others appreciate that as well. As a leader, I try to have a listening ear that can be a sounding board for any ideas, questions, or concerns and take them to the next level. It’s not always easy. Often it takes me stepping away from the conversation and coming back to it later to truly appreciate what an individual had to say.” “The best ideas come to fruition from collaborative involvement. In my mind, that is what makes Farm Bureau great,” Baars continued.  “It takes all types of individuals working together to air the ups and downs of each situation to develop something great, no matter what’s at hand.” Baars emphasized the growth and experience that comes from serving in a leadership role is invaluable.  “I tell people you get out of Farm Bureau what you put into it. As a leader, I’ve found that I’ve reaped so much more than I ever anticipated,” Baars said.  “I’ve been given some unique experiences, no doubt. But more importantly, I’ve grown as a person and made some amazing friends.” “If you’re ever given the chance to take on a leadership role, I encourage you to do it,” Baars concluded.  “While it takes some extra effort, the benefits are worth the time.” Baars was first elected to the WyFB YF&R Committee in 2017.  She is the first 2nd generation WyFB YF&R leader in the program’s 18-year history.  Her parents Kevin and Denise Baars served as founding members of the WyFB YF&R Committee in 2002 where Kevin served as the first State YF&R Chair for the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation. The WyFB YF&R program is a committee centered, fully integrated part of Farm Bureau at the county, state and national levels.  The objective of the WyFB YF&R program is to provide leadership in building a more effective Farm Bureau to preserve our individual freedoms and expand our opportunities in agriculture.