We all new it was inevitable, that it would only be a matter of time before Carla's body succumbed to the ravages of brain cancer, but those of us who knew Carla Livingston still hoped for that miracle that would indicate Carla's cancer suddenly reversed its course and everything was going to be OK.

On April 29 we learned such was not to be the case and her battle ended.  Through out it all Perry and his family kept us posted and remained strong.  Carla did too and all of the family served as an inspiration to the rest of us.

The unsung heroes in our Farm Bureau family are the spouses and it seems that it isn't until something like this experience comes along that we are reminded just how important these members are to the work that gets done.  There is never enough thanks to go around.

Carla left a legacy which will be with us.  She helped out on the ranch in ways that most of us will never know.  Like most agricultural families, her contribution for a number of years was outside income.  It was perhaps that outside income that lead to the contribution that will mean as much or more with her teaching of tomorrow's generations.  Like most ranch wives she was able to help not only agriculture, but the community as well.

In the Farm Bureau family her sense of humor was a joy.  We will certainly miss her sense of humor, but also all of the other aspects that added to the package.  The community will undoubtedly miss her contributions as will her students and fellow teachers, the friends that were part of her life and most of all her parents, sons and husband.

I'm sure all will join with me in wishing the family the best of our prayers in this difficult time.

By Ken Hamilton, Wyoming Farm Bureau Executive Vice President