American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall commented August 29, 2023 on the Biden Administration’s revised Waters of the U.S. Rule.

 “EPA had a golden opportunity to write a Waters of the U.S. Rule that’s fair to farmers and stands the test of time, but instead chose to continue government overreach and revise only a small slice of the rule that was rejected by the Supreme Court,” Duvall said.

Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President Ken Hamilton expressed disappointment in the revised rule. “We were disappointed the Administration wouldn’t take this opportunity to reach out to those affected by these rules in an effort to address the government overreach and write a fair and reasonable rule,” Hamilton said. “Farmers and ranchers share the goal of protecting water and deserve a fair rule that enables them to continue their work to care for the land and water.”

"Farmers and ranchers share the goal of protecting the resources they’re entrusted with. They deserve a rule that respects farmers as partners in that effort,” Duvall continued.

 “We’re pleased the vague and confusing ‘significant nexus’ test has been eliminated as the Supreme Court dictated,” Duvall concluded. “But EPA has ignored other clear concerns raised by the Justices, 26 states, and farmers across the country about the rule’s failure to respect private property rights and the Clean Water Act.”