I have lived in Wyoming my entire life.  Lived on the farm, grew up traveling to towns all over the state, went to college in Laramie and raised a family back in that small town.   This state and its people are strong, independent, proud, hardworking and resilient.  Living in a beautiful place that is so diverse in so many ways make the people of Wyoming unique.  My neighbors across Wyoming experience arctic like cold in some places, hurricane force winds in others, droughts, hail and the occasional tornado are all normal to our way of life and they still have faith and continue to do the work to feed our nation and world.  These same people take time to serve their communities on school boards, civic organizations, religious groups, youth groups, county commissions, and a wide variety of other voluntary endeavors.  On top of that, year after year, these same people are willing to put down their daily activities of feeding, planting, tillage and roundups to show up and have input in the grassroots process that is Farm Bureau. 

This almost decade adventure has taken me to nearly all 50 states and even a little further.  The farmers and ranchers of this nation are the stewards of one of our nation's most important resources.  This land sustains the most abundant, most efficiently produced, and safest food supply in the world with the caretaking of the American farmer and rancher. The people doing the work, making the decisions and living through the good and bad are those same farmers and ranchers that are the grassroots voice.

Being elected to my eighth term and being allowed to represent these same people is an incredible, humbling honor. After all these years of involvement, it is the people that continue to motivate me each and every year.  It is hard to put into words what an honor it is to represent people like our members that continue to show up and speak up for agriculture.