By now many of our county Farm Bureau Federations will have met and discussed possible policy changes and additions to Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation or American Farm Bureau policy positions.   This process is vital for those of us who represent you to policy makers at the state and national level.  It is a time-tested process which your organization has been working on for over 100 years.

In an era where people measure things in one or two decades, having a process with that kind of history is reassuring.  As a Farm Bureau Federation member, you may have also been aware that Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company (Mountain West) has been celebrating their 75th Anniversary.

I think that is something all of us should celebrate.  Having a company affiliated with the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation that has been able to provide an important financial benefit speaks well to the leadership of both the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation and Mountain West.

In 1948 members of the Wyoming Farm Bureau took an important step.  They set out to raise money to start an insurance company that would focus on farmers and ranchers.  Three years after the conclusion of World War II, agricultural folks throughout Wyoming came together to solve a problem, and more importantly put their money where it was needed.

While gathering up the money to start the company was a big lift, the hard work would be how you develop and make that money turn into a company.  With that you need to have good people who understand insurance while understanding agriculture too.  

We are fortunate to have had these people work for Mountain West since its beginning.  From part time agents representing the company while working on their agricultural operations to full time agents who work to understand the intricacies of the laws and regulations that currently govern the insurance industry, Mountain West has evolved and prospered for 75 years.

With the foundation that was created in 1948 and the careful husbandry past and current boards have exhibited the future looks bright for the next 75 years.

By Ken Hamilton, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President