May 22, 2024, Wyoming Livestock Board News -- USDA has amended the animal disease traceability (ADT) rule in relation to official identification requirements for cattle and bison moving interstate. These requirements will take effect on November 5, 2024. 

Main rule amendment:

  • Requires official eartags to be visually and electronically readable for interstate movement of certain cattle and bison

Amended rule pertains to the following classes of animals:

  • Sexually intact cattle and bison that are 18 months of age and older 
  • All dairy cattle of any age
  • All cattle and bison of any age used for show, exhibition, rodeos, or recreational events 

Key points relating to the use of electronic identification devices (EID):

  • An official EID may be applied to an animal that is already officially identified with a non-electronically readable official eartag (i.e. metal bangs tag or silver NUES tag).
  • At any point in time, an animal should only have one official EID in place.

**The USDA has allocated $15 million for electronic identification and related infrastructure to improve animal disease traceability. These dollars are intended to help producers financially transition to electronic ID use for interstate movement of cattle and bison.**

For further information on the updated rule, please go to the following links.




RFID Tags are the main form of EID


Characteristics of official RFIDs:

  1. The animal identification number starts with 840.
  2. There is a US shield on the tag.
  3. The tag is electronically and visually readable.

bangs and yellow rfid

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