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Wyoming Agriculture is the official publication of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation. Published 10 times per year with combined July/August and December/January issues, this newspaper reaches over 12,000 families throughout Wyoming.

Kerin Clark, Editor.
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June 2019

  • “Ag Books for Kids” winners announced
  • Broadband Initiative working to make Wyoming a leader in connectivity
  • A snapshot of U.S. infrastructure spending
  • Legislative interim update
  • YF&R Harvest for All Brand Submission Form
  • WyFB Scholarship winners

May 2019

  • Legislative Interim Topics
  • WyFB thanks McKenzi Digby
  • Jessica Romero joins WyFB team
  • Sharing Farm Bureau at the Wyoming FFA Convention
  • Feeding the economy:  agricultural jobs by state
  • Farm Bureau Century Club Member Recognition

April 2019

  • 2019 Legislative Review
  • Brewing Farm Bureau Leaders at AFBF Fusion Conference
  • What happens when we run out of food?
  • The Wyoming Stewardship Project
  • Nebraska FB Disaster Relief and Information Exchange
  • County news
  • New Clean Water Rule–comment by April 15

March 2019

  • “Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week” is March 4-9
  • 2019 WyFB Legislative Meeting
  • Agriculture important to Secretary of State
  • Membership awards
  • Public perception a challenge with grizzly
  • A look at pesticide regulations with WDA

February 2019

  • Fornstrom joins grassroots leaders on AFBF board
  • FB adopts policies on trade, opiods, cell-based food and broadband
  • Classic Traditions, New Solutions Conference a great success
  • Effective process established 100 years ago
  • AFBF successful for 100 years
  • County and state Farm Bureau scholarships
  • Duvall reviews AFBF achievements
  • Challenges of public lands
  • Wyoming at AFBF Centennial Convention

December 2018/January 2019

  • WyFB applauds Clean Water Rule proposal
  • WyFB sets policy for coming year
  • Todd Fornstrom elected to third term as WyFB President
  • WyFB honors Ken Hamilton with Distinguished Service award
  • WyFB honors Tim and Dawn Pexton with Leadership award
  • WyFB 2019 Legislative Meeting
  • Legislative Preview
  • Friend of Farm Bureau awards
  • YF&R news
  • 2019 WyFB YF&R Conference Jan. 18-20 in Sheridan
  • Have you asked someone to join
  • Right-to-repair
  • Membership awards

November 2018

  • 99th WyFB Annual Meeting
  • Leadership growth during the WyFB YF&R D.C. trip
  • Broadband shouldn’t be a luxury
  • Make your voice heard
  • Ag land valuation for 2019
  • YF&R news
  • “Wyoming Needs Agriculture” event a success
  • FB benefits mobile app available

October 2018

  • WyFB 99th Annual Meeting Nov. 7-9 in Sheridan
  • Fees, taxes, landlines and elections discussed at legislative meetings
  • WyFB disappointed in court decision to return grizzly bears to ESA
  • Western farmers and ranchers urge administration toward better land management policies
  • Staying in the game on WOTUS
  • Ranchers like me becoming endangered
  • Interior’s Sue and Settle order
  • Grassroots policy development at work

September 2018

  • Endangered Species Act Amendments of 2018 one step closer to reform
  • Wyoming Needs Agriculture event Sept. 29
  • Membership in Farm Bureau a great deal
  • Non-management equals more and hotter fires
  • How your idea becomes Farm Bureau policy
  • Collegiate Farm Bureau at UW through ACFB
  • Wyoming State Fair photos

July/August 2018

  • Supreme Court win for Wyoming farmers and ranchers
  • Legislation would provide ag haulers some relief
  • Special Election Issue:  Primary Candidate Statements
  • Long overdue ESA reform
  • Legislative interim committee update

June 2018

  • “Ag Books for Kids” winners announced
  • Back to Our Roots USDA tour
  • WyFB hosts AFBF conference
  • WyFB scholarship winners
  • 3 truths about GMOs

May 2018

  • Interim Committee assignments
  • Sage grouse updates
  • Wolves, grizzly bears and the ESA
  • Consumer insights on food
  • Urbanites glamorize deadly bears that attack ranchers
  • FFA to YF&R
  • Century Club member recognition

April 2018

  • 2018 Wyoming Legislative Review
  • Wyoming ranchers win right to be heard to defend against grizzly bears predation
  • WyFB members represent Wyoming issues in D.C.
  • ELD waiver extended
  • Tax law changes
  • Grizzlies, guns and guile
  • Legislative Meeting photos

March 2018

  • “Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week” is March 5-10
  • Simple lies more palatable than complicated truth
  • Building on NAFTA’s success
  • FB calls for clarity on agricultural haulers
  • UW’s Rachel Derner “Sweet 16” in CDM
  • “Ag Books for Kids” contests
  • AFBF suggests modifications to NEPA compliance

February 2018

  • AFBF re-elects President Zippy Duvall, sets agenda for 2018
  • 2018 Legislative Preview
  • WyFB Legislative Meeting Feb. 28-March 1
  • Springing Outward & Upward with WyFB YF&R Conference
  • Wyoming Needs Agriculture at UW Basketball Game
  • County Farm Bureau scholarships
  • Wyoming Farm Bureau members at AFBF Annual Meeting

December 2017/January 2018

  • Todd Fornstrom elected to 2nd term as WyFB President
  • WyFB sets policy for coming year
  • G.G. and Kim Kortes receive WyFB Leadership Award
  • WyFB honors Distinguished Service Award recipients:  Carleton Perry (posthumously); Perry Livingston; and David and Judy Garber
  • Legal efforts necessary to protect agriculture
  • WyFB donates equivalent of 10,021 meals to help Wyoming families in need
  • UW Student Rachel Derner wins Farm Bureau Collegiate Discussion Meet
  • AFBF’s legal advocacy
  • Donations to foundation help provide educational forums and support legal efforts
  • WyFB Outstanding Membership Workers

November 2017

  • 98th WyFB Annual Meeting
  • De facto wilderness area
  • WyFB YF&R Conference Jan. 19-20 in Thermopolis
  • Farm Bureau supports GIPSA Rule do-over
  • 2017 abandoned brands

October 2017

  • WyFB 98th Annual Meeting Nov. 16-18, 2017 in Cheyenne
  • Wyoming’s Data Trespass Law remanded back to District Court
  • “Wyoming Needs Agriculture” event at UW football game
  • Rural broadband
  • EPA land grab appeal
  • Tax code revamp
  • County and district meetings

September 2017

  • Legislative Revenue Committee looks at new taxes and tax increases
  • Budd-Falen says county governments and citizens need to be engaged
  • Engagement critical for future of agriculture
  • Ag land valuation set for 2018
  • Member benefits insert

July/August 2017

  • Farm Bureau applauds EPA move to ditch flawed WOTUS rule
  • New law changes ag requirements for driver’s license
  • Grizzly bears returned to state management
  • Hyperbole should not drive political discussions
  • Consumer protection for hiring contractors
  • County news

June 2017

  • Legislative interim committee summary
  • Ag Books for Kids winners
  • COOL—a food safety issue?
  • Wolves returned to state management
  • WyFB scholarship winners
  • WyAG Matters photo contest winners

May 2017

  • Legislative Interim topics announced
  • Water Outlook
  • Wyoming has more than enough wilderness
  • WY AG Matters photo contest
  • What really happened to the bison
  • Life and Century Club Member Recognition

April 2017

  • 2017 Wyoming Legislative Review
  • Senator Barrasso honored with Golden Plow award
  • EPA Chief: Agency will be states partner in addressing environmental issues
  • Wildfire relief efforts
  • Is your local government prepared

March 2017

  • “Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week” is March 6-11
  • Tenth Circuit rules against EPA
  • Grizzly bear delisting has moving finishing line
  • Preparing for Veterinary Feed Directive
  • The Worker Protection Standard—2017 compliance
  • Just say yes and go for the gold

February 2017

  • WyFB Legislative Meeting Feb. 2-3 in Cheyenne
  • 2017 State of the State address
  • YF&R Conference a great success
  • Veterinary Feed Directive
  • Farm Bureau Convention concludes with 2017 policy roadmap
  • Worker Protection Standards–what they mean
  • County and state scholarships

December 2016/January 2017

  • Todd Fornstrom elected WyFB President
  • WyFB sets policy
  • WyFB thanks Perry Livingston
  • Crook County’s Frank Hawken receives WyFB Distinguished Service Award
  • WyFB Legislative Meeting
  • YF&R Conference
  • WyFB membership awards
  • WyFB Foundation fundraiser

November 2016

  • 97th WyFB Annual Meeting Nov. 10-12 in Laramie
  • WyFB Foundation Symposium on Poisonous Plants
  • Special district task force
  • New member benefit with Budget
  • Thank you Veterans

October 2016

  • WyFB 97th Annual Meeting Nov. 10-12 in Laramie
  • Wyoming Needs Agriculture event raises enough for 4,198 meals
  • EPA violated personal privacy
  • YF&R Discussion Meet competitions
  • Hard Work and Harmony workshop at YF&R Jan. Conference
  • WyFB Foundation Symposium Nov. 10

September 2016

  • Trespassing to stop under settlement
  • Wyoming Needs Agriculture event Sept. 17
  • Genetic labeling and the Commerce Clause
  • Member benefits special section
  • Ag land valuation for 2017
  • People of Farm Bureau:  The Fornstroms

July/August 2016

  • Veterinary Feed Directive will require enhanced communication between vets and producers
  • Lawsuit challenging Wyoming trespass laws dismissed
  • Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse recovery plan drafted after nearly 20 years
  • Election Issue:  Candidate Statements

June 2016

  • Grizzly bear management
  • Ag Books for Kids 2016 contest winners announced
  • WyFB thanks Carolyn Hageman
  • WyFB welcomes McKenzi Digby
  • WyFB awards nine college scholarships
  • Andy Johnson EPA case settlement

May 2016

  • Livestock investigators legislative interim topic
  • Water outlook
  • Grizzly bears: endangered or recovered?
  • WyFB YF&R at Wyoming FFA Convention
  • Life and Century Club member recognition
  • BLM planning 2.0

April 2016

  • 2016 Legislative Review
  • Legislative interim topics
  • Big Data initiative adn new tool
  • Center of the National Wool feature
  • Why the survey matters

March 2016

  • “Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week” is March 7-12
  • Senator Eli Bebout receives WyFB Distinguished Service award
  • Wyoming Public Lands Initiative
  • Why all the noise about GMOs
  • WyFB Legislative Meeting

February 2016

  • Wyoming’s Cole Coxbill elected AFBF National YF&R Chair
  • Legislative preview 2016
  • WyFB Legislative Meeting Feb. 25-26
  • Science doesn’t support GMO fears
  • Farm Bureau scholarship opportunities
  • AFBF Annual Meeting photos

December 2015/January 2016

  • Perry Livingston elected to eleventh term as WyFB president
  • WyFB sets policy for coming year
  • WOTUS rule is broken; need for Congress to intervene
  • WyFB Legislative Meeting
  • Joint Farm Bureau YF&R Conference
  • WyFB donates 5,685 meals through HFA drive
  • UW’s Sarah Falen wins YF&R CDM
  • Annual meeting photo and review

November 2015

  • “Wyoming Needs Agriculture” event at UW football raises awareness
  • Nationwide stay on WOTUS rule
  • The People of Farm Bureau:  Perry Livingston
  • Gift idea section
  • wyFB Foundation knife raffle

October 2015

  • WyFB’s Ken Hamilton honored as UW College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Outstanding Alumni
  • Greater Sage Grouse will not be listed under the ESA
  • WyFB 96th Annual Meeting Nov. 12-14 in Cody
  • WyFB supports UAA model
  • PLF sues over EPA’s attach on stock pond
  • Highlighting technology

September 2015

  • Waters of the U.S. rule set to take effect Aug. 28
  • Wyoming Needs Agriculture day Sept. 26
  • Regulatory overeach of water
  • Special membership section
  • Ag land valuations
  • WyFB sponsors WSF beef and sheep awards

July/August 2015

  • WyFB applauds State of Wyoming for joining WOTUS lawsuit
  • Small victory in the war on water
  • WyFB replies to arguments in EPA CAA case
  • Wire and staples too?
  • WyFB Foundation Knife Raffle

June 2015

  • WyFB young farmers and ranchers visit Nation’s Capitol
  • “Ag Books for Kids” winners announced
  • New law comes into effect for Wyoming heavy vehicles on July 1
  • WyFB awards nine college scholarships
  • WyFB thanks Dominique Giroux; welcomes Julie Johnson
  • Joint Agriculture legislative meeting update
  • Magna Carta celebrates 800th anniversary

May 2015

  • Water outlook
  • Proposed 10(j) rule for black-footed ferrets
  • Ellen Westbrook retires after 36 years with Farm Bureau
  • WyFB welcomes Carolyn Hageman
  • Sage Grouse Protection and Conservation Act

April 2015

  • WyFB pleased with strengthening of property rights at 2015 Legislature
  • Reduce services or increase taxes
  • Legislative interim topics
  • Grazing management and enterprise analysis

March 2015

  • Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week March 9-14
  • Wolf management update
  • Wyoming Water Strategy
  • Endangered Species 301-ESA reform
  • Livestock health update

February 2015

  • WyFB Legislative Meeting Feb. 12-13
  • Property rights essential
  • Joint YF&R Conference
  • ESA 201-the need for reform
  • WyFB and county scholarships
  • Impact of conservation easements
  • Photo contest winners

December 2014/January 2015

  • Perry Livingston elected to tenth term as WyFB President
  • WyFB sets policy for coming year
  • Western Watersheds Project says they can’t afford attorney fees
  • Endangered Species Act 101
  • Annual Meeting awards and photos
  • YF&R news
  • YF&R Conference Jan. 16-17

November 2014

  • Farm Bureau and Wyoming Cowboys celebrate agriculture
  • Changes to Wyoming’s trespass laws necessary
  • “Celebrating Our Heritage…Pursuing Our Future” at the 95th WyFB Annual Meeting
  • Water quality protection priority to landowners
  • Gift idea section
  • Farm Bureau Communications Boot Camp

October 2014

  • Agricultural property values
  • Water…It’s all about water
  • Wolf back on ESA list in Wyoming
  • Livestock grazing and rangeland health
  • AFBF leads delegation to reduce trade barriers abroad
  • 2015 brand renewal

July/August 2014

  • AFBF to Court:  Stop EPA privacy abuses
  • Celebrate Agriculture Day at UW Football Game Oct. 14
  • Climate change not a good excuse
  • YF&R Discussion Meet
  • Benefits of Farm Bureau membership

June 2014

  • AFBF endorses state-focused sage grouse bill
  • “Ag Books for Kids” winners announced
  • Federal agency authority and state trespass laws need defined to protect private property
  • WyFB thanks Suzy Noecker as she retires after 19 years with the organization
  • WyFB welcomes Holly Kennedy
  • Noted economist finds EPA analysis of water rule flawed
  • WyFB awards nine college scholarships

May 2014

  • 2014 water outlook
  • The Cheyenne Stockyards – the livestock “hotel” with a history
  • Ride for the brand at FFA Convention
  • Farm Bureau tells members to “Ditch” EPA water rule
  • WyFB comments to BLM and Forest Service on sage grouse

April 2014

  • Review of the 2014 Legislative Session
  • Wyoming Farm Bureau filed petition for review against EPA
  • Legislative interim topics assigned
  • Should we regulate sugar?
  • Farm Bureau comments on OSHA regulations

March 2014

  • “Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week” is March 10-15
  • Wyoming Water Strategy being developed
  • YF&R participants attend national conference
  • Commissioner Hirsig provides summary on Healthcare Reform
  • 2013 Photo Contest results

February 2014

  • WyFB Legislative Meeting to be Feb. 27-28
  • Farm Bureau delegates set public policy positions for 2014
  • Citizen legislature the way to go
  • YF&R Conference review
  • Economic impact of losing cattle production
  • Process to convert coal bed gas wells to water wells
  • State and county scholarship opportunities

December 2013/January 2014

  • WyFB sets policy for coming year
  • Perry Livingston elected to ninth term as WyFB President
  • Congressional Delegation address Farm Bureau members
  • Converse County’s Frank and Leslie Eathorne win WyFB Distinguished Service Award
  • YF&R Conference Jan. 23-24 in Cody
  • WyFB donated equivalent of 6,872 meals to help Wyoming families in need
  • Converse County rancher Rachel Grant wins WyFB YF&R Discussion Meet
  • Annual meeting photos and information

November 2013

  • WyFB 94th Annual Meeting Nov. 14-16
  • Celebrate Agriculture Football Event raises 1,316 pounds of food
  • MT v. WY interstate water dispute at trial
  • Collegiate Discussion Meet winner
  • Changes in brucellosis testing
  • “Plan Success” at the 2013 WyFB Foundation Symposium
  • Member Gift Idea section

October 2013

  • Ag land valuation increasing in 2014
  • Celebrate Agriculture/Harvest for All event at UW Football Game Oct. 12
  • WyFB 94th Annual Meeting Nov. 14-16 in Laramie
  • “Plan Success” at the 2014 WyFB Foundation Symposium Nov. 14
  • Telecommunications Question and Answer Series

September 2013

  • Wyoming Wolf Coalition-2013 files amicus brief in D.C. lawsuit
  • Farm Bureau Collegiate Discussion Meet Oct. 8
  • Expectations of privacy
  • Telecommunications Question and Answer Series
  • Member Benefit Insert

July/August 2013

  • Wyoming Telecommunications Act sunsets in 2015; changes to be made
  • Food fads
  • Honoring World War II Veteran David Holwell–Freedom is something we all must work to protect
  • Federal regional haze requirements have hazy benefits
  • FMCSA grants exemption request for livestock carriers

June 2013

  • Legislative Judiciary Interim Committee addresses landowner liability
  • Ag Books for Kids goes cow crazy in Wyoming–contest results
  • Farm Bureau Views:  Sequestration
  • Member Benefits offer savings
  • WyFB offers nine college scholarships

May 2013

  • Recent storms increase snowpack
  • Will America end up with an emperor?
  • Today’s Ag:  Friend of Wildlife
  • YF&R Committee shares Farm Bureau with FFA
  • Brucellosis update
  • ACFB holds local discussion meet

April 2013

  • Legislative Review
  • Equal access to justice for a few
  • Legislative interim topics
  • New Member Benefit with Case-IH
  • YF&R State Chair reflections
  • 2012 Photo Contest Winners

March 2013

  • Farm Bureau members attend WyFB Legislative Meeting
  • Congressional Delegation address Farm Bureau members
  • Governor Mead speaks to Farm Bureau members
  • Agriculture transportation rules discussed by WyDOT panel
  • Final animal disease traceability rule
  • Generations Nourishing Generations
  • WyFB YF&R contestant Kaitlynn Glover advances to “Sweet 16” in AFBF Collegiate Discussion Meet

February 2013

  • WyFB Legislative Meeting scheduled for Feb. 18-19
  • Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week is “Feb. 11-16
  • AFBF delegates set policy
  • YF&R Conference report and Celebrating 10 Years of WyFB YF&R program
  • WyFB and county Farm Bureau scholarships

December 2012 / January 2013

  • WyFB sets policy for coming year
  • Livingston elected to eight term as WyFB President
  • Elden and Tena Baldwin receives Leadership Award
  • Hugh Thompson receives Distinguished Service Award
  • WyFB members donate the equivalent of 6,605 meals to help Wyoming families
  • Annual meeting speaker and event coverage

November 2012

  • WyFB  Annual Meeting Nov. 15-17
  • UW’s Kaitlynn Glover wins WyFB YF&R Collegiate Discussion Meet
  • Honoring World War II Veteran Bill Vollman
  • Sound economic impact analysis critical component of ESA
  • Wyoming Made by Farm Bureau members Gift Idea Section
  • Governor appoints new director of DEQ

October 2012

  • WyFB 93rd Annual Meeting Nov. 15-17
  • WyFB statement on announcement to delist wolves
  • Food Preservation:  a trend making a comeback
  • Property rights and election year politics

September 2012

  • Land owner licenses concept being considered
  • Farm Bureau Collegiate Discussion Meet Oct. 16
  • Farm Bureau membership benefit insert
  • YF&R Committee elections this fall

August 2012

  • Special Election Issue:  Statements from candidates for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives
  • WyFB Young Farmers & Ranchers visit Nation’s Capitol
  • Stop the Flood of Regulation
  • America’s Heartland filming comes to Wyoming

June 2012

  • Agricultural land valuations for 2013 will increase
  • Ag Books for Kids contest winners announced
  • Joint Agriculture Committee meets
  • WyFB awards nine college scholarships

May 2012

  • Water outlook for 2012
  • The food we eat
  • An itemized tax receipt
  • FCC order will impact rural telecommunications
  • Ag Books for Kids starts the conversation

April 2012

  • 2012 Legislative Review
  • Update our ports
  • EPA regulatory overreach slapped down by Supreme Court
  • Pesticide permit information
  • WyFB 2011 Photo Contest winners

March 2012

  • WyFB Legislative Meeting Report
  • Tax and fiscal issues
  • Announcing Farm Bureau/GM Incentive Program
  • Bridging the generational divide
  • Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week

February 2012

  • WyFB Legislative Meeting Feb. 27-28
  • AFBF delegates approve policy
  • Legislative session preview
  • Federal money used for conservation easements
  • State and county Farm Bureau scholarship information

January 2012

  • WyFB sets policy for coming year
  • Senator Enzi addresses Farm Bureau and calls for one percent solution to budget
  • Livingston re-elected president
  • Annual meeting coverage
  • YF&R Harvest for All project
  • Conservation easements take away important property rights
  • America has a culture because of agriculture

November 2011

  • Whooping crane case could impact water
  • WyFB 92nd Annual Meeting in Cheyenne
  • YF&R Conference Dec. 2-3 in Casper
  • Made by Farm Bureau members–Gift Idea Section
  • EPA will not regulate agricultural dust

October 2011

  • WyFB 92nd Annual Meeting Nov. 10-12
  • EPA SPCC plan required by Nov. 10 for operations storing more than 1,320 gallons of oil or oil products
  • AFBF’s Legal Advocacy Program
  • WyFB comments to Game & Fish on wolf plan
  • Today’s Agriculture Symposium Nov. 10, 2011

September 2011

  • Livestock traceability
  • Changes in gasoline tax refund–hearing scheduled for Sept. 12
  • The cost of ESA paperwork
  • Member benefits insert
  • Wyoming Game and Fish Commission seeks public comments on revised wolf management plan

July/August 2011

  • Preble’s returned to ESA list; another example of flaws of ESA
  • Wyoming and Feds agree in principle on wolf management
  • WyFB names Outstanding Membership Workers
  • The general economy
  • Legislative news from the Office of State Lands & Investments

June 2011

  • Ag Books for Kids winners announced
  • What is sustainability?
  • EPA’s expanding regulation of agriculture
  • Succession planning conversations–thoughts from two generations
  • WyFB:  USFS National Planning Rule needs to include grazing and timber

May 2011

  • 2011 water outlook
  • Legislative redistricting public hearings set
  • Congress should address meaningful reform of ESA
  • WyFB scholarship winners
  • Succession planning-a banker’s view

April 2011

  • Farmers prevail in court decision on EPA livestock rules
  • Multiple links form one chain—Farm Bureau member shares experience on AFBF YF&R Committee
  • Colorado and Nebraska to require Wyoming DSA cattle to be identified before import
  • Legislative interim topics

March 2011

  • Governor says thank agriculture for what we have
  • Different standards for ruling authority
  • UW’s Ben Berry advanced to “Sweet 16” in AFBF Collegiate Discussion Meet
  • Rancher says succession planning was a success because of no secrets
  • 2010 Photo Contest winners

February 2011

  • AFBF Calls for Strong Farm Safety Net, EPA Oversight
  • Trichomoniasis research
  • Succession planning…viewpoint of a young couple
  • WyFB and county scholarship information

December 2010/January 2011

  • Livingston elected to sixth term as WyFB President
  • Wyoming Farm Bureau sets policy for coming year
  • Senator Barrasso addresses Wyoming Farm Bureau
  • EQC rejects Very Rare or Uncommon Petition for Sand Creek area
  • U.S. District Judge Johnson:  USFWS rejection of Wyoming Wolf Management plan was arbitrary and capricious

November 2010

  • America has a culture thanks to agriculture
  • EPA authority moving to a watershed near you?
  • Succession Planning Series:  estate planning
  • Wyoming Made gift idea section

October 2010

  • WyFB 91st annual meeting
  • Elephants and agriculture:  what do they have in common?
  • A world view of farm succession
  • Wind energy issues

September 2010

  • Rezoning of FEMA flood maps could affect you
  • Recognizing the symptoms of rabies in livestock
  • Effective and economical approach necessary for management of wild horses
  • Membership benefits insert

August 2010

  • EQC accepts Very Rare or Uncommon Petition on fourth try
  • Special Election Issue
  • Renew the American Dream with Estate Tax Reform
  • WyFB names outstanding membership workers

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