Grassroots Lobbying and Agriculture Policy

The 2021 Wyoming Legislature adjourned April 7, 2021.

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Each year the Wyoming Legislature meets and makes decisions that affect us all. With less than two percent of the population producing food and fiber for our nation it is essential to have a voice when it comes to the new agriculture policy, laws, and regulations that affect your lifestyle. Grassroots lobbying is a large part of how Wyoming Farm Bureau serves as your voice for agriculture. The Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation represents its members who are at home producing food and fiber for our nation.

Wyoming Farm Bureau policy is set through our grassroots policy development process. New agriculture policy development begins at the county level with members making decisions. The agriculture policy continues moving through the policy development process with consideration at the district, state and national levels. The policies adopted by Farm Bureau members guide the work of the agriculture organization. This process makes Farm Bureau’s grassroots lobbying successful. Legislators know Farm Bureau lobbyists work straight from the policy book created by members beginning at the county level. Farm Bureau grassroots lobbyists work throughout the year on existing and new agriculture policy issues using member adopted policy to set positions on issues affecting the members.

The mission of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation is: “The primary goal of WyFB is to take appropriate actions to protect private property rights and help members achieve an equitable return on their investment.” Wyoming Farm Bureau grassroots lobbyists work hard to ensure this mission is fulfilled.


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