AFBF Statement Regarding Child Labor Rule Decision – Feb. 1, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 1, 2012 — “The decision today by the Labor Department to re-propose the ‘parental exemption’ in the child labor rule is a positive step, but much more work is needed. We will continue to work with the administration to address our concerns with the rule. Any final regulation must make sense, not infringe on the traditional rights of family farms and not unnecessarily restrict the ability of young people to work in agriculture. As DOL’s proposed rule stands currently, that is not the case.


Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Legislative Meeting Feb. 27-28 in Cheyenne

            Legislative issues, Wyoming’s economy, trucking issues, and generational differences are a few of the topics that will be presented at the 2012 Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Legislative Meeting.  The meeting will be Feb. 27-28 at the Holiday Inn in Cheyenne. 

            Held annually to coincide with the legislative session, the meeting provides Farm Bureau members the opportunity to meet with their legislators one-on-one and receive updates on current issues. 


AFBF, Plaintiffs File for Judgment in Chesapeake Bay Case – Jan. 30, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 30, 2012 – The Environmental Protection Agency’s Total Maximum Daily Load regulation (TMDL) for the Chesapeake Bay watershed establishes new controls on land use that trespass into territory Congress legally reserved for state governments, according to the opening brief for summary judgment, filed Friday, Jan. 27 by the American Farm Bureau Federation in the case, “AFBF vs. EPA.”

The TMDL will impact all economic activity in the watershed with potentially devastating impacts for agriculture within the watershed, according to AFBF.


UW study on brucellosis seeking producer participation in survey – Jan. 19, 2012

Researchers at the University of Wyoming are conducting an interdisciplinary study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of management strategies at reducing the level of brucellosis in elk. To do this, the researchers need to model how a reduction in the level of brucellosis in elk relates to the decreased risk of brucellosis transmission to cattle.  Survey to include producers in Lincoln, Sublette and Sweetwater counties.  Informational meetings to be held Jan. 26 and Jan. 27.


AFBF Delegates Approve Flexible, Fiscally Sound Farm Policy – Jan. 11, 2012

HONOLULU, January 11, 2012—National farm policy should be rewritten this year to establish a program that protects farmers from catastrophic revenue losses by using a flexible combination of fiscally responsible tools, said voting delegates at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 93rd Annual Meeting.

In approving the organization’s farm policy for 2012, the farmers and ranchers endorsed a multi-pronged policy proposal, including a provision for catastrophic revenue loss protection that works with a flexible range of crop insurance products, as well as amending the current farm bill’s marketing loan provisions to better reflect market values.


Stallman Outlines Agriculture’s Successes; Challenges – Jan. 8, 2012

HONOLULU, January 8, 2012—America’s farmers and ranchers are more productive than ever and are providing a solid economic foundation for our nation, according to Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

“We are the 1 percent that is producing food and fiber for the other 99 percent,” Stallman declared in his annual address to the approximately 7,000 Farm Bureau members gathered for AFBF’s 93rd Annual Meeting.


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