AFBF Welcomes Comment Deadline Extension for Concerning SEC Rule – May 9, 2022

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall commented today on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) comment period extension for the proposed rule, “The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate Related Disclosures for Investors.” The proposal would require public companies to report on Scope 3 emissions, which are the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by a publicly traded company but contribute to its value chain. While farmers and ranchers would not be required to report directly to the SEC, they provide almost every raw product that goes into the food supply chain. (more…)

NEPA Changes Signal Return to Outdated, Cumbersome Regulations – April 20, 2022

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall commented today on the final phase 1 revisions to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

“AFBF is disappointed that the Biden administration has decided to reverse commonsense reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Farmers and ranchers share the goal of caring for the natural resources they’ve been entrusted with and were pleased that the updated 2020 regulations allowed them to protect the environment while meeting the demands of a growing nation.

“Continued challenges from the pandemic, supply chain issues and the drought in the West are impacting farmers, ranchers and the American public in the form of increased food and fuel prices. The situation will now be made worse by the return to a slow and cumbersome NEPA review process that, in many cases, takes years to complete.

“President Biden has also made improving the nation’s infrastructure a priority, and a modernized NEPA review process would help deliver projects to communities across the country. Safe roads, waterways and railways and expanded rural broadband access are crucial to the success of rural America. Those, too, are now at risk because of outdated regulations.

“We urge the administration to stop moving backward and keep focused on working with farmers and ranchers to advance sound, science-based and practical conservation goals that protect our resources while creating opportunities for agriculture as well as every sector of the economy.”

Agriculture: Growing a Climate for Tomorrow – March 22, 2022

By Ken Hamilton, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President

O beautiful for spacious skies; For amber waves of grain; For purple mountain majesties; Above the fruited plain!

The 1895 lyrics for “America the Beautiful” start out by celebrating the abundance of food for our nation.  With less than two percent of our population producing food, most Americans don’t think about where their next meal will come from.  We’ve been extremely lucky here in the U.S. when you consider how some nations have struggled to provide food for their population.  Today a U.S. farm feeds 166 people annually, according to the American Farm Bureau.  So, while 165 people are working to build everything from cars to computers, they don’t have to worry about what they need to grow in order to keep themselves and their family fed. (more…)

“Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week” is February 28-March 5

The importance of reading and agriculture are highlighted when we celebrate “Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week” February 28-March 5, 2022. Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has issued an official proclamation declaring the week of February 28 as “Wyoming Agricultural Literacy Week.” While we recognize the value of reading and agriculture during this designated week it goes without saying that each of these are vital every day of the year. (more…)

Gray Wolf Ruling a Blow to Endangered Species Act Goals – February 10, 2022

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall commented February 10th on a District Court ruling to return the gray wolf to the endangered species list.

“AFBF is extremely disappointed in the ruling to return the gray wolf to the endangered species list. The gray wolf exceeded recovery goals and should be celebrated as an Endangered Species Act success story. The ESA is intended to promote species recovery and delisting, not to impose permanent protected status for animals that are now thriving. Today’s ruling ignored ESA goals and threatens recovery efforts for other animals. (more…)

Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation scholarship opportunities

February 1, 2022— The Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation scholarship deadline is March 1, 2022.  Nine college scholarships totaling $5,500 are offered each year to support Wyoming youth.  Scholarships are available for high school graduates and for those students who are continuing their college education.  Applications are available at; click on the education tab.  For questions, contact Diane “Dee” Brewer at 307.721.7719 or [email protected]. (more…)

Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Legislative Meeting March 1-2 in Cheyenne

February 1, 2022— Legislative agriculture issues will be presented at the 2022 Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (WyFB) Legislative Meeting.  The meeting will be March 1-2 at the Little America Hotel & Resort in Cheyenne.  Held annually to coincide with the legislative session, the meeting provides Farm Bureau Federation members the opportunity to meet with their legislators one-on-one and hear about current issues. (more…)

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