Legal Involvement

In today’s environment, agriculture is continually facing legal onslaughts from anti-agriculture groups.  The American Farm Bureau and Wyoming Farm Bureau are working hard to protect agriculture interests in the courts.  Our efforts are aimed at reducing government regulations that are unnecessary and drive up the cost of food.  The anti-agriculture groups work to use regulations and lawsuits to drive agriculture out of business.  We are working in the courts to combat these efforts. One of the purposes of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Foundation is to support legal efforts to protect agriculture producers.  Your donations to the Wyoming Farm Bureau Foundation Read Full Article

State Veterinarian’s Office addresses WyFB Foundation Symposium

By Kerin Clark, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (Written May 2009) Former Wyoming State Veterinarian Dr. Walt Cook spoke about animal diseases at the May 29th Wyoming Farm Bureau Foundation Symposium.  Dr. Cook did speak about brucellosis, a topic that takes the forefront of most animal disease discussions, but he also explained some of the other animal diseases of concern in Wyoming. Tuberculosis “We are seeing a resurgence in many states,” Dr. Walt Cook said.  “It was considered almost eradicated ten years ago.  In the state veterinarian’s office, it is one of the diseases I worry most about.” Cook explained that Read Full Article

Join the Conversation—Who will tell your story?

By Kerin Clark, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (Written May 2009) If not you, then who?  Who do you want to tell your story about what you do in agriculture?  Joining in the conversation should be a formal part of every agricultural producer’s business plan today.  Today’s consumer wants to be engaged not educated; which makes communicating with consumers just as important as marketing and making production decisions. While face-to-face conversation is still the best when it comes to engaging consumers, in today’s fast paced society it is important to remember social media.  “Use today’s medium and go to where people Read Full Article

A desensitized world allows radical ideas

By Kerin Clark, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (Written May 2009) We live in a desensitized world today.  With all we see on television or ideas we hear people propose it is common for most people to ignore what is happening by having the attitude that “it will never impact me.” “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality,” Harriet Hageman, attorney for the Wolf Coalition, stated at the May 29 WyFB Foundation Symposium.  “We have got to push back and expose the fact that many of the “environmental” actions that are being taken are destroying our environment!” “The wolves Read Full Article

Rep. Lummis: County involvement in federal land issues is essential

By Kerin Clark (Written May 2009) Speaking on a panel about the importance of county government involvement in federal land issues, United States Representative Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) told attendees at the Wyoming Farm Bureau Foundation May 29 Symposium “…it is absolutely essential that local producers get involved.”  United States Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) also spoke at the symposium noting how important it is for county governments to be involved in federal planning. “If you combine all of the public lands in the Western states it is equivalent to all of the land in the Eastern states combined,” Representative Lummis stated.  Read Full Article

Attorney General addresses WyFB Foundation on wolves

By Kerin Clark, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (Written May 2009) Wyoming Attorney General Bruce Salzburg spoke at the May 29th Wyoming Farm Bureau Foundation Symposium addressing the status Wyoming’s legal challenge to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) April 2, 2009 final rule on wolves.  “I view my job in this case to make sure that the federal government follows the federal law with respect to this issue,” Salzburg stated. “I’m supposed to be the attorney representing the interests of the state.  Although I’m appointed, not elected, I’m nonetheless the representative of the citizens,” He continued.  “This is Read Full Article

Water 101 provides important facts about Wyoming’s precious resource

By Kerin Clark, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (Written June 2007) Wyoming water law has a lot of history associated with its development dating back to territorial days in 1868.  That history, along with different components of Wyoming’s water law were presented at a “Water 101” seminar presented by the Wyoming Farm Bureau Foundation. “The issues surrounding this important resource could have an incredible impact on water use in Wyoming and so we felt this seminar would be an excellent educational opportunity for Wyoming’s citizens to learn more about Wyoming water law,” WyFB Executive Vice President Ken Hamilton said.  The seminar Read Full Article

Wolf seminar opens dialogue

By Kerin Clark, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (Written May 2006) “It has been eleven years since the wolf was introduced into Wyoming.  We organized this seminar to bring into focus the issues, challenges, successes and failures of those eleven years,” Wyoming Farm Bureau President Perry Livingston told an audience of nearly 100 people at ‘Wolves:  Wyoming’s Reality.’  “Through an examination of the last eleven years, we may find a path to a future that works for everyone.  A future that features a Wyoming with a vigorous, diverse economy and opportunities to numerous to count for her citizens” The two-day seminar Read Full Article

Predation: Lies, Myths and Scientific Fraud

By Kerin Clark, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (Written May 2006) “A great deal of misinformation surrounds predators, in general, and wolf recovery in particular,” Dr. Charles Kay told the audience at the WyFB wolf seminar.  “Simply put, the government lied to minimize opposition to wolf recovery.” “And, unfortunately this has not been the only lie,” Kay continued. Dr. Charles Kay delivered the keynote address at “Wolves:  Wyoming’s Reality,” a seminar sponsored by the Wyoming Farm Bureau Foundation May 25-26 in Riverton. “Did you ever wonder how we went from our forefather’s view that wolves and other predators decimated your herds Read Full Article

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