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Kicking off our Centennial Celebration – November 2019

The Southwest District will host the 100th annual meeting in Laramie beginning on Wednesday November 13th. This will be the kickoff for our 100th Celebration and we have a number of additions to this year’s meeting to help begin the celebration. AFBF president Zippy Duvall will be the keynote speaker at the banquet Thursday evening. As the head of the largest agricultural organization in the nation we are honored to have an opportunity to hear from President Duvall. We will also have Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band entertain us later that evening. Many of you have probably heard Read Full Article

What happens when we run out of food? – April 2019

This was the headline for a 20 March 2019 story by Richard Gray from the BBC. The story is one which most Americans would probably never read because they’ve not had to worry about running out of food. The article points out that while famines were on the decline in the past, they are starting to make a comeback. Read Full Article

Effective process established 100 years ago – February 2019

For the second year in a row President Trump was the closing presenter to the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention. The American Farm Bureau Federation also celebrated its 100th Anniversary where we recognized some of the accomplishments of the nation’s largest general agriculture organization. We certainly should be proud that we have a national organization that is still going strong after a century of working on agriculture issues. Read Full Article

Annual meeting speakers and surprises – Dec. 2018/Jan. 2019

The 99th Annual Meeting for the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation concluded in Sheridan earlier in November. Members from across the state debated policies that will guide the WyFB staff in the coming years. They also got to hear from Wyoming’s Senators Enzi and Barrasso about the actions and activities in the U.S. Senate. The Wyoming Farm Bureau was also able to present the AFBF Friend of Farm Bureau award to both Senators. This award is based on the voting record of the Senators in support for AFBF positions on important legislation. Representative Cheney’s representative was able to accept her Friend Read Full Article

Make your voice heard – November 2018

This November has two important things I encourage Farm Bureau members to do. One is to vote in the election on Tuesday November 6. This is an “off year” election so traditionally people don’t turn out to vote in the same numbers they would in a presidential election year. Wyoming, however, elects several statewide officials including the top five elected officials. Read Full Article

Non-management equals more and hotter fires – September 2018

Have you noticed the haze in the air in Wyoming lately? Some people with breathing problems definitely have and while we have the Air Quality Act to address air problems caused by man, and it has been successful, the air quality caused by nature has deteriorated. However, this in itself is a man caused or at least a man contributed problem. Read Full Article

The meaning of words in legislation and slogans-July/Aug 2018

Will Endangered Species Act reform be coming to a country near you? Many of us in Wyoming have struggled with the impacts of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The current process of delisting a species which has exceeded its recovery goal, only to have it litigated and relisted has frustrated folks directly impacted by the species. As we witness this process, we at the same timesee states like Wyoming spending millions of dollars managing the grizzly bears alone. Read Full Article

Gather up our issues

I believe it was Ann Landers (for the younger generation, you’ll have to Google that name) that said if we were to take all of our troubles and put them in a pile in the middle of a table along with other people’s troubles, we would eventually gather up our own problems and leave other people’s problems to them. Read Full Article

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