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Take the brakes off the accelerators to move forward – September 2022

Growing up all of our vehicles had a clutch pedal, brake pedal, accelerator pedal and some had the starter pedal that got everything going.  For those hard to start vehicles hitting the starter pedal while trying to get the accelerator pedal just right was kind of an art.  Of course, those vehicles that had all those things on the floorboard also had a choke on the dash you had to work with as well.  After you got the engine going, got it in gear and headed out, you were advised in strong language to keep your foot off the clutch Read Full Article

More land, less stewardship – July/August 2022

Well, that didn’t take long!  Wyoming Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation have had a policy advocating doing away with the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) for several years.  LWCF has been in existence since legislation passed in 1964.  The fund was created by Congress and according to the Land & Water Conservation Fund Coalition the purpose is to “conserve irreplaceable lands and improve outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the nation.” Read Full Article

NEPA changes will hinder decision making – May 2022

Many of us saw the recent announcement from the Biden Administration about the Council on Environmental Quality’s (CEQ) recent roll back of the previous administration’s revisions to our NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) process.  Both the American Farm Bureau Federation and Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation submitted comments on CEQ’s proposal to change the 2020 rules. Frankly I wasn’t too optimistic that our comments would have been adopted since many of those groups who supported this Administration were firmly on the side to reinstate the rules back to the 1978 version. Read Full Article

Reality needs to drive decisions – April 2022

Under capitalism companies compete with each other and when one company gains a competitive edge, it can, and sometimes does gobble up its competition.  In the U.S., it seems, the trend is for this to happen until there are only a few giant companies manufacturing or producing products consumed by our citizens.  As our transportation networks have become more advanced, we see this translating into the same issue worldwide.  For a number of years there were three U.S. car manufacturers building cars for U.S. consumers.  This changed when Fiat came along and purchased Chrysler to create Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, one Read Full Article

Two Versions of the Golden Rule – March 2022

We’ve all heard about the two versions of the Golden Rule.  The first, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is taught to our children at a very early age.  Most people agree that as an overall precept of how we should behave, this rule is the best. Read Full Article

Wyoming Needs Agriculture – November 2021

Agriculture has been an anchor for Wyoming since its beginning.   A sixth-generation rancher is not uncommon.   Our Agriculture families value family, the land, the livestock, our neighbors, and the ability to grow food.   Ninety-eight percent of our nations farms and ranches are family owned.  That’s right 98 percent. Read Full Article

A long-term lens – November 2021

For some reason, fall has always been my favorite time of the year. For people in agriculture, it can mean cooler days but even longer days as everyone is busy trying to get the work done.  The crops are being harvested, the calves rounded up and sorted off, cows preg tested and all the items on your “to-do” list that you’ve put off all summer are worked into the ever-increasing number of things on the schedule. Read Full Article

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