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We can’t ignore what leads to food shortages – September 2021

As we head into September we have a message from Tim Pexton, WyFB membership chairman, encouraging people to stay members of their county Farm Bureau Federation.  The work Farm Bureau does on a local, state, and national level are important to all of us.  Farmers and ranchers work hard to produce food for everyone in this nation.  This task can be difficult when you consider things that impact agriculture, like the weather, that are out of our control.  Other items such as state, national, and international policies can have a major impact but with everyone banding together to amplify our Read Full Article

Interpretations of private property – July/August 2021

We’ve all been told to read the fine print, which most of us probably don’t do (especially when it relates to computer programs).  However, if we’re going to be spending a large sum of money reading the fine print is important.  Also important is knowing that your interpretation of words may not be the same as the other person’s interpretation.  That’s why we end up using attorneys for issues because courts are in the business of interpreting the meaning of words and attorneys are in the business of interpreting what the court has said. In everyday life we rely on Read Full Article

Research and facts needed – June 2021

I doubt that Bill Gates or Colorado Governor Jared Polis reads this column but if they did I would like to provide a few facts that might help them understand why their anti-meat campaign will do little to solve the problem they are accusing meat of causing.  The reason is simple.  They are blaming meat for a problem (greenhouse gas) it does not cause.  Read Full Article

Killing the Family Farm – June 2021

Current efforts to eliminate step-up basis and raise the top tax rate to 39.6 percent would be devastating.  In a study done by EY (Ernst & Young) not only would an elimination of the step-up basis have an impact on agriculture, it would also damage other sectors of our economy.  Read Full Article

Farm Bureau amplifies your voice for agriculture – May 2021

In the world of cell phones, video meetings, and isolation the American farmer and rancher is still going to work every day and producing the food, fiber and fuel needed to keep this country moving. They are still feeding the pigs, plowing the fields, milking the cows and harvesting their produce for the American public.  Like every person in this day and age, busier and busier is a common theme.  The need for an in-house lobbyist, spokesperson and attorney seems to be more and more important.  Fortunately, agriculture has all three wrapped up into one great organization.  As our population Read Full Article

30 by 30 Intiative has grave implications – May 2021

President Biden signed several executive orders soon after he took office.  One of those which has generated a lot of concern and controversy is his “30 by 30” order.  In a press release from the Department of Interior on January 27, it said the action would outline steps to achieve the President’s commitment to conserve at least 30% each of our lands and waters by the year 2030.  The release goes on to say the Biden Administration will work to achieve this goal by supporting local, state, private, and tribally led nature conservation and restoration efforts that are underway across Read Full Article

Role of Farm Bureau even more critical – March 2021

Generally this time of year I would be reporting on what is going on at the Legislature.  However, this year our Legislature has changed the schedule around so they met virtually for eight days after the one day they met to fulfill their Constitutional requirements.  They are scheduled to come into session on March 1 so stay tuned.  This altered schedule has also caused us to cancel our Legislative Meeting we hold to allow members to visit with their Senators and Representatives. Read Full Article

What role should the government play in keeping people safe? – February 2021

Article 1 Sec. 1 of the Wyoming Constitution says that, “All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness.” The idea that one of government’s main roles is to provide for the safety of its citizens is why we have police forces and laws against physically harming another person.  While these types of laws, i.e., preventing one person from harming another, have been well accepted for centuries some of the current laws are facing more scrutiny. As people began settling in larger and larger communities Read Full Article

Calm is contagious–February 2021

“Calm is contagious”–simple words from former Navy Seal Commander Rorke Denver.  These are valuable words of wisdom from someone who knows a tough situation in times of high stress and particularly important for current times and the foreseeable future.  Commander Denver talked about some simple but powerful strategies in his virtual address to this year’s American Farm Bureau convention. His message should resonate with farmers and ranchers. As a group of Americans that deal and even plan for natural disasters and hard times, keeping one’s head is one of the basic necessities of daily life.  When the rain comes relentlessly Read Full Article

COURAGE—my “C” word for 2020 – December 2020/January 2021

2020: The year of the “C” word that millions of people think of…COVID. I believe the more fitting word is courage. The ability of being courageous and working hard during a time of unknowing is why I think it represents 2020 in my world.   For that matter, perseverance, independence, responsibility, persistence, opportunity, and long term are the words I think represent 2020 in my world.  Read Full Article

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