Ag Facts

Cattle industry in Wyoming

The value of the agricultural sector output in Wyoming was over $2 billion in 2015. The cattle industry is the largest component of Wyoming agriculture accounting for over half of all cash receipts. In terms of value of production, cattle came in at $896 million in 2015.

Wyoming Agriculture Statistics 2016

Hay leading Wyoming crop

Hay is by far the leading crop in Wyoming in terms of value of production totaling $258 million in 2015. 2,315,000 tons of hay were produced in 2015.

Wyoming Agriculture Statistics 2016

Beef has Zinc, Iron & Protein

Beef has Zip!  Zinc, Iron and Protein.  Protein from beef provides nine essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own.

Headwaters State

Wyoming is a “Headwaters” State.  This means that many rivers begin in Wyoming.  Wyoming is the headwater of four major water drainage basins.

69 Cents of Service

Production agriculture only requires 69 cents of services for each dollar of local tax revenue paid.  Compare this to rural residential lands demanding $2.40 in services for each dollar of local tax revenue paid. 
(Source:  University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture, Dept. of Agricultural and Applied Economics)


Wyoming’s Land:  4% of Wyoming’s land is Indian trust land.


Wyoming’s Land:  6% of Wyoming’s land is state owned.


Wyoming’s Land:  42% of Wyoming’s land is privately owned.


Wyoming’s Land:  48% of Wyoming’s total land area is federally owned.

11,600 Farms and Ranches

Wyoming has 11,600 farms and ranches averaging 2,621 acres.  Wyoming ranks 11th nationally in total land in farms/ranches and 1st for average size of farms/ranches.
Wyoming Agriculture Statistics 2016

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