CHEYENNE—“I’m leading the charge to make sure the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers get no money at all to implement the administrative guidance that identifies waters protected under the Clean Water Act,” United States Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) told Wyoming Farm Bureau members on Nov. 11 at the organization’s annual meeting in Cheyenne.

Senator Barrasso, along with Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, have filed an amendment to a spending bill to block the funding for implementation of this guidance.

“By trying to remove the word “navigable,” the Administration has been trying to take over water,” Barrasso explained.  “There is nobody promoting it in Congress right now; they were all defeated in the elections.”

“So the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is saying we better try to do this now,” He continued.”  “My fundamental belief is leave us alone…leave our land, our water, our people alone.”

The administrative guidance was issued in May regarding the federal jurisdiction over U.S. water and wetlands.  “This is an Obama administration policy that is aimed at expanding federal Clean Water Act oversight,” Barrasso explained.  “It is regulatory overreach.”

In other issues, Barrasso talked about dust regulation.  “If fugitive dust regulations passed, you would be in violation if you drove down a county road,” Barrasso said.  “You shouldn’t have to have legislation to prevent things like this that don’t make sense.”

“There is a regulatory rampage coming out of this Administration,” Barrasso stated.  “From dust regulation to the age of farm workers…everything you do, they are trying to stop.”

Barrasso concluded his remarks with emphasizing he believes in the core values of our country and will continue to work hard for Wyoming in Washington.