Analysis Shows States Will Lose Billions in Tax Revenue to Internet-only Sellers – Sept. 25, 2017

Unless Congress acts on legislation to promote fair competition between Main Street retailers and internet-only sellers, states will lose more than $211 billion in tax revenue over the next five years, according to new analysis released by the Marketplace Fairness Coalition.

Coalition Asks Senators to Put HIT Relief in Health Care Bill – Sept. 21, 2017

More than 30 organizations representing small business owners, their employees and the self-employed are urging a group of senators to include relief from the health insurance tax in their Affordable Care Act repeal and replace bill. At a minimum, a one-year delay of the HIT would provide critical relief to the millions of hardworking Americans struggling to afford the cost of rising premiums, the Stop the Hit Coalition said in a letter to Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.). 

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Wyoming Needs Agriculture Day at UW Football Game Sept. 23

–First 400 fans to donate canned foods/money receive t-shirts


 Laramie–“Wyoming Needs Agriculture” Day is coming to the University of Wyoming Cowboy Football game on September 23, 2017 and the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation is proud to sponsor the game day event.  Cowboy fans are asked to bring canned goods or monetary donations to the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation area at the “Pre-Game Zone” at the Indoor Practice Facility from 5-8 p.m. on Sept. 23.  The first 400 fans donating will receive a t-shirt.  (more…)

Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Statement on Circuit Court Decision regarding case against Wyoming’s Data Trespass Law—Sept. 7, 2017

              Laramie, Sept. 7, 2017—Today the 10th Circuit Court reversed the Wyoming District Court decision regarding Western Watershed Project’s (WWP) challenge to Wyoming’s data trespass law.  The Court remanded the case back to the Wyoming District Court and held that section c of the law could be a violation of the Constitution’s 1st amendment rights of free speech. “We are very disappointed and surprised by the ruling,” stated Brett Moline, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (WyFB) Director of Public and Government Affairs. “The Wyoming Farm Bureau supported the law change in hopes to strengthen private property rights in Wyoming.” (more…)

Wyoming Needs Agriculture Day at UW Football Game Sept. 23

–First 400 fans to donate canned foods or monetary donations receive t-shirts

“Wyoming Needs Agriculture” Day is coming to a University of Wyoming Cowboy Football game on September 23, 2017 and the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation is proud to sponsor the game day event.

Promoting Wyoming farmers and ranchers and Farm Bureau’s “Harvest for All” program will be the premier focus of the event. Cowboy fans are asked to bring canned goods or monetary donations which will be collected at the WyFB area at the “Pre-Game Zone” on game day.  The first 400 fans donating will receive a t-shirt.  (more…)

Tax Reform Crucial for America’s Farmers, Ranchers

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 28, 2017 — Congressional leaders and administration officials have released a statement on tax reform that addresses many issues of importance to America’s farm and ranch families. The following statement about that action may be attributed to Zippy Duvall, President, American Farm Bureau Federation:

“America’s farmers and ranchers are encouraged to see that key congressional leaders and the administration understand how important tax reform is to all Americans. Fixing our tax system now is crucial to creating economic opportunities for farmers, ranchers and other family-owned businesses. This is especially important as farmers continue to face down tough economic challenges.

“This move sets the stage for Congress to put tax reform on its agenda. Not only will reform strengthen our economy, but by addressing key issues like overall tax rates, capital gains taxes and enhanced expensing, it will be good for farms and other businesses.

“Our farmers and ranchers face numerous challenges and it is important to recognize this creates special circumstances in regard to taxes. We look forward to working with Congress to move tax reform forward and do it in a way that benefits farm and ranch families and all Americans.”

Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area Board Order – July 13, 2017

The Wyoming Livestock Board met July 11, 2017 to discuss renewing and updating a March  2013 board order that created a Trichomoniasis Special Focus Area. Due to the threat of Trichomoniasis remaining in Uinta, Lincoln, and Sweetwater counties, the board amended and renewed the board order. Trichomoniasis is a venereal disease of cattle that causes cows to abort early in pregnancy and become temporarily infertile. The disease is incurable in bulls. (more…)

New law changes ag requirements for driver’s license – July 5, 2017

–FARM sticker clarification

A new law went into effect July 1, 2017, that affects Wyoming Farm Bureau members and all farmers and ranchers in Wyoming. “Now farmers and ranchers can haul their own products, with their own trucks and trailers throughout the State,” said Brett Moline, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Director of Public and Government Affairs. “They may also haul out-of-state within 150 air miles of their residence. These loads will have to meet the weight limits allowed for specific roads and states.” This new law was passed by the 2017 Legislature. The Federal Motor Carrier Act allows states to set these limits for agricultural producers. This new law makes the “Z” endorsement obsolete. (more…)

Farm Bureau Applauds EPA Move to Ditch Flawed WOTUS Rule – June 27, 2017

LARAMIE, WY, JUNE 27, 2017–The Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation (WyFB) applauds the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal today to rescind the Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule. “The proposal to rescind this flawed rule is a step in the right direction,” said Ken Hamilton, WyFB Executive Vice President. “This rule was a land grab that put property rights of Wyomingites at risk and would have done nothing to benefit water.”

“We are hopeful the EPA will keep in mind the uniqueness of each state and work with the states rather than continuing to dictate rules with the goal of controlling property rights,” Hamilton continued.

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall also welcomed today’s announcement. “Farmers and ranchers across this country are cheering EPA’s proposal today to ditch its flawed Waters of the U.S. rule,” Duvall said. “We know the importance of clean water, and farmers and ranchers work hard to protect our natural resources every day.”

“But this rule was never really about clean water. It was a federal land grab designed to put a straightjacket on farming and private businesses across this nation. That’s why our federal courts blocked it from going into effect for the past two years,” President Duvall continued. “Today’s announcement shows EPA Administrator Pruitt recognizes the WOTUS rule for what it is—an illegal and dangerous mistake that needs to be corrected.”

On June 29, 2015, the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finalized one of the most significant environmental regulations in our nation’s history. The final WOTUS rule expanded the agencies’ regulatory footprint far beyond what they historically regulated or are authorized to regulate. The rule has never been implemented because it was stayed by both a federal district court and a federal court of appeals. In issuing its nationally applicable stay of the rule on October 9, 2015, the Sixth Circuit found that the rule’s challengers had “a substantial likelihood of success” in proving the rule was illegal. According to AFBF, the rule was challenged in multiple courts by all sides (31 states and 53 non-state parties, including environmental groups, state and local governments, farmers, landowners, developers, businesses, and recreation groups).

“Farm Bureau looks forward to supporting Administrator Pruitt’s proposal,” Duvall concluded. “EPA should ditch this rule once and for all, go back to the drawing board, and write a new rule that protects water quality without trampling the rights of businesses and the states.”

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