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The flag is a symbol of our country not an individual – Dec. 2016/Jan. 2017

Now that the elections are over we’re seeing some interesting responses to the outcome. There is discussion about the role social media played in the election. Certainly there were posts announcing some pretty outlandish things prior to the election and given the accuracy of many of the posts I’m familiar with, anyone who gets their information from these sources should take things with a grain of salt. Read Full Article

Thankful for volunteers who work for agriculture – November 2016

November is always a busy time for Farm Bureau members. Fall work keeps many of our folks busy where their work all spring and summer is harvested and they find out how well the calves gained over the summer or how the lack of water affected their crops. It’s also the time when your neighbors take the time from their busy schedule to travel to the Farm Bureau annual meeting and finish the process that started at the counties in developing direction for your organization. Read Full Article

Priorities need to justify government spending – July/August 2016

I must admit, I’m having trouble trying to figure out what the heck happened in Flint, Michigan with how a local municipal water system problem suddenly became a national problem. It seems one of the most basic roles of local government is to provide for the health and safety of their citizens. What is puzzling to me is how this basic role suddenly became the fault of the state of Michigan or the federal government. Read Full Article

Political science masquerades real science – June 2016

Recently a couple of our staff members participated in a program put on by a health and wellness organization about red meat and were surprised to hear them extol the benefits of red meat. After all of the negative publicity on red meat one has to wonder how come we are seeing health companies going the other way. Apparently people are now seeing what many of us have known in that past research which linked diseases to red meat had more to do with political science than real science. Read Full Article

Science doesn’t support GMO fears – February 2016

Every year, right after the new year begins, Farm Bureau delegates from all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico meet at the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting to discuss and debate policy issues for the coming year. We had an added twist when Bob Stallman, who has served as president of the AFBF for 16 years, announced earlier in the year he would not seek the position. Read Full Article

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